Geithner, alone and working night and day Geithner, alone and working night and day... You need openly annonce your news in every public visible web site to tell every American business workers that their company does not need to file any form to IRS any more as long as they don't need to ask any refund from Fed. so that you can have more good American willing to do business that rather be the homeless than to show their gifted talant in business field because they don't want to compromise their extreme inte 住商房屋grity to fill any form to bend to government abusive power to lie down to join the business field to have all you to have a better easy way of life. As public policy maker, you must always make sure that your policy change is for more mankind freedom (Because when you tie the freedom, you give the evil doer like JungShiauLin/Lo Yen/ChenSwayBen/Bill Clinton underground chained slavery terrors the more room to lie to enlarge their pocket full. Because evil doers c 房地產annot have the good will and strength to fight the real battle ground with real good quality goods and service to survive the market hot, yet they can have all evil minded sinister trick or treat showed up like Chinese said "Sir.Down.Bow.Ten. Ten.Boot.Pot.Deed.Boot.Pot" to use lie to steal<This is why you have to respect your business owner or their slaves to have the right to kill anyone who suspected stolen any business file or tech or secret formula to sell. Because if you all 住商房屋ow anyone making living or profit from stealing for sell, your entire market must dragon down the entire business field to go to hells, no way to keep "Customer First" good will. When you lost "Customer First" good will, your market is hell, no way to maintain your Free Market lies.{Czech president warns: Don't endanger free markets... Free markets are lies$$$Because extreme righteous Satan must have no way to know your cheating hard, therefore, as long as you can hide 裝潢your lie in front of any sight, your "Free" lie can always fool Satan evil mind to let you do your invisibly lie freely$$$, you rather have none ##Because you lie, you are out of True God site, therefore, you are no long able to rely on God bless you good luck, you must have to rely on your most righteous unselfish hard working to earn extreme righteous Satan to respect you enough to stand in your side to spare you from fall. That may explain how come good business owner must always demand his slaves to see "Customer First" a 婚禮顧問s business top rule.## than have one, not mention more than one.}> your public fund, no matter you call it refund, social security check, "退稅" or "B.稅", food stamp or whatever you are fooled or tooled.) than to tie more mankind to die. You must make sure that you only hire First Class American who can speak and write First class English to work for your public (You must not hire anyone whose First language is Hispanish or any Chinese narrow minded slavery linked dialect that Chinese called "Fun.Yan" like "Mean.Nun.What" "Curse.Job.Wha seot" Cantonese or any locally used language rooted at any Chinese specific province. Because Hispanish is narrow minded slavery linked language like Chinese dialect, those language users cannot like First Class American who speaks First Class English to have the big heart to see things mankind sight.), because First Class American who can speak and write First Class English will automatically know that he must accept every American citizen who trust Government (So that government can have the mean and way to execute like "Customer First" right to demand every doctor nur 西裝外套se clinic hospital lab linked related workers the highest unselfish professional integrity and ability.) good enough willing to apply health insurance for their kids free of charge (Anyone cannot have the fair and balance righteous eyes to see that Government <Yes, government has the inconvenience when talking about lay off or firing, that why you have to faithfully do your duty to guard your constitution to tell your people and every politician that they all must have right to show their good will and good skill to kill in the name of self-defense, so that the good can die freely like it 訂做禮服 said "Give me freedom or give me death", the evil can have the lawless Godless most selfish guts to show how Chinese said "Swen.Wall.Jer.Chang. Knee.Wall.Jer.Want" ##Why the evil doer must have the right to call " Swen.Wall.Jer.Chang. Knee.Wall.Jer.Want" up? Because "Swen.Wall.Jer.Chang" is the free choice, "Knee.Wall.Jer.Want" is to give you the freedom of death.## matters.> form must have the liability to take care the sick weak wicked citizen Free of Charge, must not be allowed to occupy any public office to suck. You committed the animal "弱.Roll.強.10" crime as Government form, you must more deserve to be k 景觀設計illed and go to hells than any harmful animal.) to spare American be hostaged by any evil doers to make profits in the name of Health insurance (Because when you lock so much pile up insurance money inside certain ring, you create the worm bed for evil doers to make slavery chain, the more preminum increased, the longer the chain enlarged along with the preminum billed expanding, that make your entire society like deadly water no way to get air to breath to grow any free life in any way. The good better best must have to be forced to starve to die or dry out to make sure not to leave any blood behind.)from your sick weak wicked momen 裝潢ts.  .


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