Man must divorce immediately when he lost his love at his marriage Like my Chinese version Bible stated "Ten.Deed.Yao.Fail.Chyu., Lyu.Far.Duh.Year.Be.Year.Wh 借貸at.Dough.Yao.Chen.Chyuan."; therefore, man must divorce when he lost his love t 西裝o his marriage so that he can be released from "Law" 's duty enforcement, because our l 婚禮佈置oving God must respect mankind self-ruling, man does not fulfill his lawful commitment is out of God's power o 澎湖民宿f forgiveness. Woman can be released from marriage jail after any one in her marrage intitled died released from body jail, man's law seoful duty cannot be ended without on filed voided or released lawfully.You rather kids learn the lesson from parents broken marriage to know how love so importan 節能燈具t to make the marriage to go ahead than push kids into dark cold cold hard to see fake, sinister, hypocrisy like daily needs. You like to listen to my advise or not is your own choic 21世紀房屋仲介e, I just do my duty to tell you what I can see from my point of view. You think my English sucks, you are welcome to make correction to show your good will to help me to write better, you la 酒店兼職ck of good will to help me to be better, you should just shut up(You may shut me up if you find anything I said is a lie, fake, copy cat, sinisterly evil minded links; I am not public servant, you have no right to shut me up 會場佈置because of you think my English not good enough to please your eyes or ears.) your sucking big mouth out of my blog.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 票貼  .


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